Baaz ham Honar va Zehn-haaye bidaar

December 19, 2009 at 11:34 am (art)

Creator of the world’s first underwater sculpture park in Grenada, Jason de Caires Taylor

film-e namaayesh-e in aasaar yechize digast…baraaye hamin site ro link kardam…

baa Land Art ke zir majmou-eye Conceptual Art hast vaaghan Donyaaye jadidi Khalgh shod…khosh-haalam projeye Fogham dar in raabete boud…



  1. رویا said,

    عالی بود .مدتها بود یه همچین کار زیبایی ندیده بودم.می دونی چقدر از فعالیتهای هنری دور شدیم؟حیفففففففففففففففففف

    • mydreamwall said,

      bae…ham aalame honar ham ZEHN-HAAYE khalaagh…:(

  2. Sergio said,

    Congratulations. You are a complet artist. Not only because you creat Art, also you help to conserve the nature.
    Thank you

    • mydreamwall said,

      He is genius … 🙂

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