Love Horoscope

December 30, 2009 at 9:09 am (Horoscope)

Aries Love Horoscope

Aries is hot-blooded, rather reckless, enthusiastic and very sexy. Aries loves to be seduced, and can hardly wait to swept up by an irresistible love that will burn hot. But this is exactly why often times Aries can fall into disappointments.
If Aries is in love, it is the only love, it is a very powerful love.

Aries has to know that the flame of love burns strongly in her/his partner, as well. If the partner does not reciprocate in love, Aries can almost immediately forget about the partner and the time spent together and move on.

Aries is a jealous type, loves to lead the relationship, but if the partner is stronger Aries is willing to follow.
But the weaker partners have no hope in leading and Aries will want to keep an eye on their every single step.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Taurus can flame up the feelings with her/his tenderness, with a candle-lit supper full of romantic atmosphere.
Taurus is not the type do things in haste and this applies to romance as well. Taurus likes to gather all the information about the other person and only make the move if satisfied that all is well.
And then give it her/his best…

Taurus likes the nice peaceful life and there is only one partner for whom he/she will all the love. Taurus is not a dreamy type, but very romantic and interesting. Although sentimental, Taurus likes to take charge, enjoy life and grab opportunities.

Taurus values the physical love and lovemaking and thus will go to lengths when it comes to seducing their partner with romantic encounters filled with details that will ignite the flame of love higher and higher…

Aries has to know that the flame of love burns strongly in her/his partner, as well. If the partner does not reciprocate in love, Aries can almost immediately forget about the partner and the time spent together and move on.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Gemini loves to flirt and is a master of romance, but would rather just have romantic encounters than a life-time love with one person.

For the Gemini, love is an ever changing and evolving phenomenon. This is why, if you want to keep Gemini in love, you have to be mysterious, rather unpredictable, flexible and full of surprises.

When the Gemini is in love, he/she is always working on some romantic surprise. Gemini likes to walk holding hands, to have candle-lit dinners, to go to romantic getaways where both partners feel very good.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Cancer values love very much because he/she is sentimental, full of feelings. Rather interestingly, however, Cancer also manages to build a reality around themselves that is unshakable, particularly if their interest so dictates.

Cancer craves romance and has deep feelings for most everything, can dreamily envision everlasting love.
The female cancer expects her boyfriend to court her for a long time.
The male Cancer is not after one-night stands, he enjoys the process of slow seduction, believing that that the hunt is more important than the prey.

When Cancer is in love, this love with time will strengthen and be paired with deep respect. Cancer needs attention and loves to play and always ready to flirt, but also prone to jealousy.

Do not give any reasons for the Cancer to become jealous as this will be a very serious matter and very difficulty to overcome.

Once ready to settle down, Cancer values family above all and his/her needs are secondary to the needs of the family and desires to have a peaceful, loving home.

Leo Love Horoscope

Leo looks at love as a big adventure, so he/she likes challenges and wants to have a partner that seems very difficult to get, who has many great qualities and some mystery. Also, Leo like surprises and a little unpredictability in love.

Leo likes relationships where he/she has to fight for it, and the harder the fight, the more rewarding the outcome will be!

Leo will not fall in love with a person who doesn’t value themselves, who are not confident and Leo values beauty and charm.

Leo will shower his/her love with attention, with warm emotion and respect. However, if another potential perfect partner appears on the horizon, Leo will start chasing this new prey paying attention less and less to the old partner.

Leo has other traits such as jealousy, the need to dominate too much – and this may lead to frictions.

If you ever have been loved by a Leo, chances are you will never forget it because of the deep passion that love entails for them. This may be hard to find with other partners later…

Virgo Love Horoscope

Virgo is very realistic, no chance whatsoever for seducing romantic passion.

The key to a happy relationship with a Virgo is to accept them the way they are because Virgo expects that you will always agree with their decisions and never criticize them. In fact, criticism is something that Virgo takes extremely seriously and will work hard to get back at you and push you down; not realizing that such behavior will lose a fight even if won.

Virgo raises fences around her/him and as long as you do not encroach on them, you will be rewarded. Virgo’s love is quiet, peaceful and often times very uneventful and this can also make him/her a bit jealous of other people who are passionate.

Virgo needs to relax and let her/his feelings come to the surface more – a task that can be done, but not an easy one for a love partner.

Libra Love Horoscope

Libra can fall in love easily, and once in love, Libra is very deeply in love indeed. It is extremely hard for a Libra to get over a love relationship and Libra will almost never break a relationship.

If Libra finds a partner who can reciprocate her/his love, then this will become a serious lifetime commitment full of loyalty and passion.
However, if a relationship is not based on mutual love, Libra will eventually leave.

Libra doesn’t like it when he/she is blackmailed through his/her feelings. Libra can be moody and can easily be offended, but really enjoys getting to know the partner and asking their opinion on many things.
Do not mention your opinion about Libra without thinking about it because they can be easily upset.

If Libra falls in love, this makes her/him very happy and free because Libra needs love very much. If love doesn’t work out, Libra will suffer very visibly and openly admitting it. At the same time, it is easy to get him/her back.

For the Libra, marriage and mutual love are most important and both partners should strive to make this happen. Libra truly loves to have children and showers them with affection and teachings about life.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

It is not easy for the Scorpio to fall in love. Although craving for love, Scorpio hears something inside telling him/her to hold back. This is why Scorpio first falls in love through his/her mind. First Scorpio thinks it through and only then decides…

When Scorpio finds the desired partner, he/she will fiercely fight for this love and this perseverance will help achieve the goal.

Once the love is mutual, Scorpio will become less cautious and thus jealousy and demanding behavior may surface. Scorpio may also become rather impatient at times.

Scorpio loves hot romance and sensuality. Playful romance and sensual excitement are alwasy welcome and these are good tools to seduce the Scorpio.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Sagittarius perceives love as something very natural so it is very easy to seduce a Sagittarius who will fall in love quickly. However, keeping a Sagittarius in love is so much more difficult.
When Sagittarius sees someone as the perfect partner, he/she will immediately start the pursuit, but if he/she later finds weaknesses in this person, then Sagittarius will most likely move on.

If Sagittarius is in love, her/his partner should not expect Sagittarius to express this love in many words.
Sagittarius will fall in love quickly but hates it when he/she told what to do. On the other hand, nice leading and nice words will achieve a lot more.
Sagittarius loves to have long talks while holding hands, talking about sentimental and spiritual topics and the finish off the day with hot lovemaking.

Sagittarius likes to say what he/she thinks right away and this can lead to problems at times. However, Sagittarius will not easily understand how he/she could hurt somone by telling them the staright truth…
So a little understanding will go a long way.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Just like anything else in his/her life, Capricorn takes love seriously.
Capricorn is a very loyal partner, one that can be trusted under any circumstances and always ready to help.
Although slowly at first, Capricorn will reveal her/his inner feelings more and more as times goes by.

Capricorn is not a master of flirt – on the contrary – because he/she places much importance on love and this is something very serious.

Often times, Capricorn tewnds to become pessimistic in her/his relationships. Capricorn does not rust his/her partner very easily and the most difficult part is to get very close to his/her partner and express feelings appropriately.

A good partner for a Capricorn is someone who does not like to flirt, but takes love seriously and as a long time commitment.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Aquarius loves flirting and playing seductive games. First Aquarius will learn the personality of the person to be seduced (from gestures, talking, fidgeting, movemements) then Aquarius will use innocent-looking remarks and questions that will reveal the weak points of the “prey” and when Aquarius thinks he/she has enough information about the other person, the attack begins…

Aquarius very rarely loses with the romantic encounters, but when it happens Aquarius will suffer very much. Then after a while Aquarius will look for other people to seduce and flirt with.
When Aquarius falls in love, it is a very strong love indeed.
Aquarius cannot stand jealosy and hates it when he/she is told what to do.

When Aquarius will find a mate who will not be jealous and respects his/her desire for independence, then Aquarius is the perfect partner as well and loves 100% without holding back.
Aquarius can also feel it when things are not doing well and will know something is not right even before real problems start.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Pisces needs love and is in love with love. Pisces dreams and fantasizes about love and wishes to be seduced, hopes to find the perfect partner and spends a long time playing out love scenarios.
When Pisces realizes something is happening to his/her heart, Pisces wants to explore this further, but is afraid to make the first move. When the first step is over, Pisces will shower his/her mate with plenty of love.

It is important that Pisces finds a partner who is understanding and who is not very outgoing. Pisces loves to be alone many times, doesn’t like big parties, and wishes for quiet times, reading listening to music, spending time with art…
So the ideal partner for the Pisces is someone who is kind, who can participate in a little fantasy, but at the same time who know that reality is important.

Pisces is very easily misled even by the simplest fake smile and can fall in love very easily indeed. At the same time, it is hard for the Pisces to stop a relationship.

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